‘Back 4 Blood’ Delayed, But Open Beta Announced

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You’ll have to wait just a little bit longer Back 4 Blood to kill zombies with friends.

Turtle Rock Studios has pushed back the release date of Back 4 Blood from June to October.

‘Back 4 Blood’ Delayed, But Open Beta Announced

The announcement was publish in the game’s official Twitter account, just before a new presentation on the Future Games Show gave an in-depth look at the gameplay, with the promise of a new open beta coming soon.

Just as Turtle Rock’s most famous title, Left 4 DeadBack 4 Blood puts up to four players in the middle of a zombie outbreak, where they need to work together in order to survive.

In both games, in addition to zombies, mutated versions of the zombies can also spawn on the map, making every match unpredictable.

The biggest innovations Back 4 Bloods brings to the table.

The players will also have cards of their own, which they can put into play to alter some rules in their favor.

The Director system already promises to increase a lot the fun of Back 4 Blood, making each match unique. But the Future Games Show presentation also gave us a better look at the Troll, a giant mutated enemy players will need to fight or flee.

During the summer, an open beta will be available, so everyone can try the game for free.

Back 4 Blood is headed to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S on October 12.  Check out the Future Games Show presentation below, as well as the tweet announcing the game’s delay below: