Ladies and gentlemen, the weekendgelion

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Shinji, get to the goddamn cookout

You have reached a significant moment, perhaps not in history, or even in the grand scheme of your life’s long arc toward love and fulfillment or ufabet, but a significant moment nonetheless. Do I need to spell it out for you? It’s 5PM. On a Friday. Heading into a long weekend.

Ladies and gentlemen, the weekendgelion

What is a “weekendgelion,” you may be asking? Obviously it’s the portmanteau of “weekend” and “Neon Genesis Evangelion.” You could have just Googled that, but I understand — it’s your time off! I respect your commitment to doing the bare minimum for the next three days. What does a beloved ‘90s anime series have to do with, as the above video’s creator puts it, the pursuit of COLD BEERGOOD FRIENDS and FREEDOM? On its face, absolutely nothing, other than that its theme song — “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”:

  • has been memetic fodder since it was technologically feasible for unpaid internet goons to insert it into unrelated situations or media properties.
  • should be the anthem to all summer and pre-summer cookouts going forward.

Perhaps you’re not in my timezone (Eastern Standard, the ideal timezone, New York numbah one babyyy), in which case this post either isn’t for you yet or has hopefully failed to reach your screen because you are already slung across a hammock, covered in snack crumbs and lightly doused in the hedonistically dribbled leavings of your beverage of choice. Good job! Everyone else, please delete Slack from your phone, toss said phone into the nearest ocean or freshwater body, and get on hammock guy’s level. Not that it’s a contest. The last thing anyone should be doing right now is expending effort of any kind.