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Laos Lottery games are not only available in Thailand. In foreign countries, there is a chance to play the lottery as well. It can be said that it is a popular gambling and accepted all over the world. And today we will present to you to know the Lao lottery or the development lottery in another name. that are popular both in neighboring countries And is starting to become popular in Thailand as well. If you want to know how the Lao lottery is played ufabet Okay, let’s see.

What is the Lao lottery?

Lao lottery or Pattana lotteries, if compared to our home is like The government lotteries that we know well and have the same numbers. In the past, to play the Lao lottery, we went to buy numbers along the border or crossed to neighboring countries to buy numbers to win prizes as well. But at present, the Lao lottery itself has been developed to be modern as well. We may see through both on Facebook that the dealer releases the number panel to choose from.

But not only that, Laos lottery can also be played on online lottery websites, including UFABET websites . The price of the Lao lottery that the state sells is only 1000 kip or only 3-4 baht in Thai money. It is considered a very cheap price. One lottery set will have 4 numbers, the price is 120 baht. Laos lottery will have 6 ways to play together. The broadcast time of the Lao lottery It will be released every Wednesday at 20:30 will be broadcast live via Channel 1 of Laos directly.

Or if you want to see the past Laos lottery results, you can easily follow them through the UEFA Line @UFABET999 channel as well.

How to play Laos lottery via UFA website

Lao lottery or the development lottery There is a style of play that is similar to our underground lottery. who have to choose to buy a 4 digit favorite or desired number, but in the four digit numbers can be divided into winning prizes, both 2 and 3 prizes. It can be said that it is a very small investment and still has a high chance of winning. too

The Lao lottery can be played every day. That is, if you buy numbers today, you can check the prizes the next day. with low price and easy to play They can also play more often than the Thai government lottery. Therefore, the Lao lottery is becoming another popular lottery game in Thailand. The more you play, the higher your chances of earning money.

How to bet on the Lao lottery not playing via the web

1. Betting on the 3 upper lottery numbers, when winning, will receive 750 baht.

2. Bet on the 3-digit lottery on Tod, when winning the prize, you will receive 120 baht.

3. Bet on the lottery with 2 upper numbers, when you win, you will receive 90 baht.

4. Bet on the lower 2 lottery numbers. When winning, you will receive 90 baht.

5. Betting on the lottery, running on, when winning the prize, will receive 3.2 baht. 

6. Betting on the lower running lottery, when winning the prize, will receive 4.2 baht.

But if winning a series of prizes, that number Will receive different amounts of money that the payout of the Lao lottery series is as follows

  • If you win 4 straight numbers, you will receive a prize money of 120,000 baht.
  • Laos lottery prize 3 straight numbers will receive a prize money of 41,000 baht.
  • Laos lottery prizes, 4 numbers, Toad will receive a prize money of 5,500 baht.
  • Prizes for 3 toads will receive a prize money of 4,100 baht.
  • If winning the Lao lottery, the next 2 digits will receive a prize money of 1,700 baht.
  • If you win the last 2 Lao lottery prizes, you will receive a prize money of 1,700 baht.