Loki is a chance for Disney Plus the shadow

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Can Marvel’s God of Mischief carry his own spinoff?

Loki, the one-time Marvel villain play for over a decade now by Tom Hiddleston, is on the ufabet of starring.

but the new show looks far more detached from the MCU than any of his previous adventures.

Loki is a chance for Disney Plus to escape the shadow of Marvel blockbusters

Loki is a new kind of series for Diseny Plus. It’s the first that intentionally feels like a capital-s Spinoff. The first two Marvel shows, WandaVision and TheFalcon and the winter Soldier, occupied very diff roles,

Those two shows are arguably continue of Avenger, to star anthony mackie as the star.

If one were feeling particularly cynical, you could view Loki as being less tied to a grand storyline and more to Disney and Marvel just giving the people what they want. Hiddleston’s depiction of the character has long been a fan-favorite. His repeatedly faked-out deaths and journey from murderous villain to an almost-hero speak to Marvel’s hard work to keep the character in play.

Loki is a natural story thread as much as a shoehorned backdoor pilot stuck into Endgame’s time heist. It’s not the bridge between blockbuster movies. It’s a show that’s attempting to strike out on its own, starting a new story for the trickster god that’s

But in the same approach, its relatively disconnected status means that (in addition to pandering) there’s the opportunity for Marvel to actually make a more standalone series that can actually be a good TV show, instead of just serving as blockbuster-lite fare stretched across too many episodes.

By ignoring the larger MCU films, S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to branch out with storylines like its Ghost Rider and Framework arcs instead of trying to hide in the cracks between movies.