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Riot Games announced the RiotX Arcane event, giving gamers a month-long experience in the Riot Game universe, bringing together all of Riot Games ‘ products to celebrate the release of Riot’s first animated series. is Arcane from the League of Legends story, players and fans. 

Will be able to experience events both offline and online through various media As it evolves with individual acts that will premiere throughout November alongside events within Riot Games Group, the RiotX Arcane event starts today. All the way through Riot’s Super Weekend features packed fan events like the League of Legends World Championship and the Arcane premiere.

Riot ‘s gaming ecosystem gets even more intense in a month-long celebration. And the launch of Arcane Over the past decade, more than 600 million people around the world have actually joine the League universe. And it’s only one month in October 2021. More than 180 million players have entered the League universe, the highest number for a company*.

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent said, “At every new stage we take From launching new games to expanding our esports. We remain focused on delivering exciting and accessible content to our players. Which is the true core experience of League of Legends today. More players are enjoying our games worldwide than ever before. It reinforces our confidence in League of Legends. As we begin a new era with the launch of Arcane. We want to make the game the center of global entertainment with players.”

Enter an Arcane-themed journey through Piltover and Zon. The two cities are the setting for Arcane. The opening show kicks off on Saturday, November 6 at 19:00 GMT. It will be broadcast on lol esport as well as YouTube and Twitch.

within the next day RiotX Arcane’s global premiere will begin at 7:30 AM local time. Broadcast globally on Twitch (via the Riot Games channel and Twitch streamer channel) and, the global premiere event will take place at Riot’s Los Angeles headquarters. It will feature an innovative red carpet for media and streamers from over 30 countries around the world to bring the celebration to the global community. Arcane is Netflix’s first series to launch with co-streaming on Netflix. Twitch in particular, where channel creators can broadcast themselves watching and interacting with Episode One.

All Riot games will be rolling out new Arcane-themed product features and updates throughout their release. To celebrate events in their own unique way Players will see the following updates throughout November. The store will have more items added every week as the list evolves: