9 things you must read before you buy the HUAWEI nova 9

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It has been launched for HUAWEI nova 9 that has returned to call the Huawei smartphone market again. That comes with flagship quality at a comfortable price For many people who think of smartphones. Believe that there are many questions in mind. Today we will tell you 9 facts that you should know before you decide to buy the HUAWEI nova 9.

1. 50MP Ultra Vision rear camera for outstanding image quality.

HUAWEI nova 9 comes with an Ultra Vision camera system, which consists of a 50MP Ultra Vision main camera with RYYB, Huawei’s proprietary technology. That helps to capture sharp, realistic images, 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera. With a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees. , Depth 2MP camera provides dimensional images. And the 2MP macro lens camera captures close-up shots up to 4cm. It works with upgraded hardware with a flagship-level algorithm to enable users to capture clear images in any situation. Whether you’re shooting city nights, panoramas, portraits with bokeh effect or close-up, the HUAWEI nova 9 lets you capture images with high quality and pro-level clarity. Supports 4-in-1 Light Fusion technology to enhance the sharpness of images at many levels. Including AI Best Moment that helps to capture moving images. Before and during shooting. and select the best shots to present to users in real time.

2. Take selfies with confidence with the 32MP front camera.

Confidently reflect your unique self through the HUAWEI nova 9 with a 32MP front-facing camera equip with a large 1/2.8 inch sensor, high resolution and excellent light detection capabilities. So can take selfies in high resolution. Help capture impressive moments anywhere, anytime, whether during the day. In the evening, early evening or late at night, comes with the unique Super Night Selfie algorithm. Supports incoming intelligent AI technology to increase the brightness of dark areas and reduce noise in photos. While accurately identifying faces and adjust to make selfies look more natural

3. Record video with front and rear cameras at the same time.

Dual Video function, video showing both front and rear view simultaneously Or combine zoom shots and wide-angle shots together in one frame for content creators. Provides a clear image on the HUAWEI FullView Display with a resolution of 2340 * 1080 pixels, which provides high quality images up to 4K with Dual-View, allowing you to record videos switching cameras smoothly without interrupting the recording. It also captures every frame of video sharply, even in motion, with video stabilization features like Smart AIS Video Stabilization. This time, whether to make a video blog about holidays, college life. or cooking Now it’s easier than ever to record videos and create vlogs.

4. The display reflects the virtual image. with 120Hz touch screen rate

Get ready for a new, more advanced experience with this 6.57-inch curved display that supports 10-bit color depth, which means it can produce 1.07 billion colors, has a screen refresh rate of up to 120Hz with Touch Turbo and precision respond to fast, responsiveness with Touch Sampling up to 300Hz and the DCI-P3 color gamut to create smoother, more immersive images with more visual vibrancy. Delivering an impressive experience whether at work or playing games for entertainment

5. Gives users peace of mind when charging their devices as fast as they can imagine.

The quick charging time has become one of the factors that many users pay attention to. That’s another reason why Huawei has continued to improve the HUAWEI SuperCharge feature. The HUAWEI nova 9 supports 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge comes with a 4300mAh high-capacity battery that takes only 38 minutes to fully charge [1], enhancing its performance. To work better with heat dissipation technology, VC Liquid Cooling and Graphene for continuous use throughout the day, ready to go out in every situation without worry, even if you forget to charge your phone overnight.