First trailer for All of Us Are Dead

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Netflix Announces Premiere Date Confirmed series about a high school zombies ( the All Of A Dead of Are, Us) reveal poster and first trailer waiting to watch simultaneously January 28, 2565.

Major collaborations of hit creators

Director Lee Jae Kyu and screenwriter Cheon Sung Il 

A gang of youngsters who escape death from the zombie horde await you in 2022.

Zombie High School ( All of Us Are Dead) , a new Netflix series that will premiere soon. This tells the story of a group of high school students. Who are trap in a school and in dire situations. While trying to find a way to escape the zombie apocalypse in the school.

Meanwhile, Netflix has released the first poster and trailer packed with intense mystery. signaling that the K-zombie wave is about to return

Zombie High School

Zombie High School ( All of Us Are Dead) is based on the popular webtoon by Joo Dong Geun. Which is known as “Korean-style zombie visual novel” that puts the imagination into the extreme. Interesting plot and meticulous details. Since the news was announced that Netflix will make a series. 

This project received a lot of attention. It is directed by Lee Jae Kyu, who has produce hits. Such as Beethoven Virus , The Legendary Police Woman. And the recent hit Intimate Strangers, along with screenwriter Cheon Sung Il. He is known for his work in various genres such as LUCA: The Beginning , 

The Slave Hunters and the movie The Pirates.This time, the two team up to tell the story of a group of teenagers struggling to survive at an ordinary school, starring a group of talented teenage actors. Whether it’s Park Ji Hoo, Yoon Chan Young, Jo Yi Hyun, Romon, Yoo In Soo, Lee Yu Mi and Im Jae Hyuk, who will add youth to this drama.

The eye-catching poster depicts a school shrouded in terrifying chaos. Blood was splatter all over the lawn. The school building was bursting with flames. And countless students are strand inside the school in a frenzy. All of this made viewers want to know quickly what was going to happen. after a light smell of horror stories in school which will awaken the mysterious zombie virus again.