George RR Martin teases of Game of Thrones

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‘I’m still here, and I’m still busy in wake up Game of Thrones’

The TV adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire might be over, but its author George RR Martin says he’s still hard at work on finishing the book series behind HBO’s adaptation.

After season six of the show overtook his published work, there’s been plenty of speculation about how closely the endings of the TV show and books will match one another. 

George RR Martin teases what’s next in wake of Game of Thrones finale
Game of Thrones finale

Martin doesn’t go into too many specifics, but suggests that there’ll be both similarities and differences. Not only are the books able to be longer than a TV show with a set number of episodes, or who have survived long after their on-screen counterparts have been killed off. 

Martin says there’ll be a “Game of Thrones” at work, as the implications of these changes grow over the course of his story.

One detail Martin refuses to be drawn on is when the next entry in the book series, The Winds of Winter, will actually be released. “I won’t say when, I’ve tried that before, only to burn you all and jinx myself… but I will finish it,” the writer says, referring to the deadline he missed in 2015 that allowed the show to overtake the books.

Outside of his books, TV shows, and films, Martin also teases his involvement in an upcoming video game. He doesn’t offer too many details on what it is or who’s developing it, but he does confirm that it’s being developed “out of Japan.” Back in March, Martin was rumored to be working with Dark Souls developer From Software on one of its upcoming games.