Lucy Lawless Revisits Her Punk Rock ‘Spider-Man’ Cameo

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Did you know that Lucy Lawless was in 2002’s Spider-Man? If not, it’s okay! It’s a blink and you’ll miss it cameo, and she was also rocking a style we’d never from her on screen before.

Did you know that Lucy Lawless was in 2002’s Spider-Man? If not, it’s okay! It’s a blink and you’ll miss it cameo, and she was also

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How exactly did that super short cameo come to be? Lawless connected the dots from Xena: Warrior Princess and her husband, producer Rob Tapert, to Sam Raimi’s 2002 superhero movie

Rather than ditch the wardrobe after her one-line appearance was in the can, Lucy Lawless  opted to wear it home:

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As for that one line, Guy with eight hands. Sounds hot. Lawless insists that dialogue was “pure Sam.” While one might think they would have played around with the beat a bit while they had Lawless on set.

So it was that simple! And while Lawless didn’t go on to have a cameo in every Raimi-directed Spider-Man movie like her Ash vs. Evil Dead co-star, Bruce Campbell, she still managed to make her mark on the franchise with her three seconds in the 2002 movie as “Punk Rock Girl.”

If you’re looking for more on Lawless’ journey from Xena to her latest release, the ultra-violent animated feature The Spine of Night, you can check out our full Collider Connected conversation below: